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SN Engineering - Proud to continue their support to

         the legendary Cherry & Whites @ Kingsholm, 
                  home of Gloucester RFC -   



Quality manufacturer Mix Srl equipment now

             stocked & distributed thru' SN Engineering . . . . . . 

Mix srl
Mix Srl   -   A name synonymous with quality
                            & expertise, globally . . .

Old acquaintances renewed to re-establish Mix equipment in the UK. Directors of SN Engineering, having
1st introduced the Mix portfolio into the UK some 20 years ago with great success, have once again teamed up with the leaders in the design and manufacture of Mixers and associated equipment & components for handling powders, granules and paste processing.

This collaboration is seen as natural progression for both companies with SN Engineering's ever increasing engineering & sales success in the areas of food ; pharmaceutical and general process industries coupled with the increased range of products now manufactured by Mix Srl the synergy between both companies
was natural.


Established in 1990, MIX`s prime objectives were simply  ”to design and manufacture high quality mixing systems suitable for the treatment of different products”. The recruitment of a combination of highly-experienced staff and qualified engineers enabled MIX to quickly establish itself as a worldwide supplier
in the mixing and blending market place. Supported by constant research, innovation, and development,
MIX s.r.l. has successfully introduced a wide range of high quality products, at competitive prices.

The innovative designs of many standard products provide solutions to many problems associated with mixing.
Today many companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and building industries, along with the field of ecology, are utilising the MIX s.r.l. products in many different applications. MIX s.r.l. has established
a close relationship with leading industries in many market places as a company which is dedicated to serving it's customers. This gives them concrete advantages, which contributes to their success and makes their actions greater, more influential and incisive.

What separates MIX s.r.l. from its competitors is the ability to be fair, clear, and honest with their customers. Moreover, MIX s.r.l. has also designed an innovative range of accessories and product solutions for the different requirements of most applications, and has increased its product divisions to include the following:
- Mixing division;
   - Filtering division;
      - Interception division;
         - Safety division;
            - Extraction division;
               - Conveying division.

At present, MIX Srl main location in Cavezzo has a new 10,000 m² production & assembly facility ( part of
a total 20,000 m²) with new, state-of-the art technologies for CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. The wide range of products and excellence in customer service, along with their policy of not supplying complete systems to the marketplace but only with the components and process machines for their systems, has boosted the industrial development of MIX s.r.l., an Italian Company where market leadership is their goal
and customers are their partners.



New Distributor Agreement Secured . . . . . .

UWT @ SN Engineering
         After a successful 12 months trial marketing & selling of the UWT range of advanced level monitoring devices SN Engineering have secured a distributor agreement to further enhance their commitment to servicing their clientele with quality products.

Seen as a natural synergy with the current range of rotary level devices, predominately utilised within the concrete ; asphalt & minerals industries, it was realised that a more detailed & wide ranging portfolio of level devices was needed to service other industries & industrial sectors. Having researched the market for suitable manufacturers the decision was to trial the UWT range of devices. Manufactured in Germany and with 35+ years of development & sales throughout the world accompanied by good stockholding ensuring rapid response to clients’ needs the trial commenced in the summer of 2011.

With a sound & surprisingly high uptake in product sales, from almost across the full range of devices manufactured, accompanied by a 100% customer satisfaction quantified the decision to go with UWT was the right one.

Earlier this summer the directors agreed that a more formal arrangement should be sought, and after discussion, a distributor agreement was secured. This will result in even more availability to the resources within UWT, whether that be sales related ; technical support or even R & D support for those special applications that always seem to arise.

The range of motoring devices covers Rotary ; Vibratory ; Capacitance ; Conductive ; Electromechanical & Non Contact – manufactured in a range of materials and certified to various UK ; European ; Canadian &
USA regulations ensures that, almost, every application & requirement can be catered for whether for home market use or for affixing to equipment that is ultimately exported – we have the product to meet the client’s needs, affordable quality from a knowledgeable & friendly partner SN Engineering, here to help . . .


Another successful exhibition . . . . . .

Hillhead 2012 - SN Engineering

       Hillhead 2012 - might be remembered for it's high precipitation !!!, . . . .although we were spoiled back in 2010 . . . but for those @ SN Engineering that endured the beautiful British summer it reaped the rewards.

Hillhead 2012 - SN EngClients, old & new, ensured a steady flow of enquiries & orders throughout all 3 days and subsequent weeks following the June expo. New contracts were secured ensuring 2012 would be extremely busy for SNE's personnel. 1st time exhibits, in particular Quicksilver low friction high wear resistance linings, were particularly popular.
The latest fully loaded SPS - silo protection system - will full digital pressure monitoring display was also particularly well received. Here's looking to a dry 2014 expo . . . many thanks to all that braved the weather & took time to visit.


1st show @ The UK concrete show 2012 for SNE . . . . . .

The UK Concrete Show 2012 - SN Engineering
          February saw the 1st time exhibit from SN Engineering @ The UK Concrete Show held at the Ricoh stadium in Coventry. Although only in its infancy ( 2nd year ) it saw a doubling of exhibition
floor space. SNE decided to attend and had on show various products from within its portfolio and was backed up by specifically targeted movies showing some of the larger products that could not physically be on display.

The UK Concrete Show 2012 - SN Eng

Main interest was shown during the exhibition for our Maxair 24m2, low capital & thru' life cost, silo venting dust filter with orders being secured there & then. Another favourite was the working SPS ( silo protection system ) which had great interest, with orders following in the weeks following the show.