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Oct '08               Latest Flat Store comes on line.........

July '08             Recycling requires additional storage...........

May '08             Low Level silos meet increasing demand...............

Mar '08             Power Generation calls on expertise.............

Mar '08             Exhibition finale to year end.................

Latest bulk "flat store" comes on line.............

Flat Store equipmentSN Engineering’s expertise in equipment design & manufacture for Flat Stores ensures the latest, in a
long list of these types of facilities, comes on line with the minimum of fuss!!

Called upon for our expert knowledge of flat store design, material handling equipment to suit, & material flow characteristics ensured the client was guaranteed the functionality of the whole plant. The scope of supply ranged from the flat store extraction conveyors –
4 No 407Ø x 17m long extra heavy duty tubular designed unit’s c/w 30Kw drive assemblies. These in turn feed up to 2 road tanker loading stations or with the aid of a further 2 cross conveyors can feed into a pneumatic transfer system that in turn conveys the product to 2 large capacity traditional bulk storage silo’s which facilitates the bulk loading of rail tankers, thus giving the client total flexibility.

SNE-RJC032 Outloading Filters

Road tanker filling has 2 of SN Engineering’s own designed & built 32m² fan assisted dust filtration units to ensure a totally dust free loading area.

Due to the high speed ( gravity ) filling & double loading function of the rail tankers a pair if SN’s 62m² fan assisted units were supplied for the de-dusting function at this point.

SNE-RJC093 Insertable Store Filters

During filling of any of the 4 bulk flat stores conveying air and therefore airborne dust is kept under control by each quadrant being fitted with a pair of SNE-RJC093 ( 93m² ) insertable cell filters with negative pressure being ensured utilising the integral high volume fan units. Each of the fan assemblies is encased within their own acoustic enclosures to minimise noise pollution.

SNE-RJC100 Silo Vent filters - remote fan

During the transfer of the product to the 2 rail loading bulk silo’s, again the possibility of airborne dust escaping to the atmosphere is kept under control with each silo being equipped with a SNE-RJC100 ( 100²m ) low level wardrobe type dust filter unit. Negative pressure is ensured with a remote mounted fan assembly & specially fabricated, interconnecting duct.


Recycling requires additional storage...............

SP226 5m Dia. x 226m3 Bolt together silo

With ever increasing requirements for companies to look at alternative means of disposal of by products (waste) generated from their everday business the need for additional storage has become paramount.
SN Engineering have recently supplied one of their jig built 5mØ, bolt together silos for just such a situation. With a capacity of 226m³ the silo was designed with an increased discharge height for ease of subsidiary equipment interface with clients existing plant. The silo was supplied fully equipped with all necessary equipment to ensure full compliance with current EPA & HSE legislation. Potential dust emissions during filling of the silo were taken care of with the installation of one of SN Engineerings own 32m² fan assisted high efficiency filter plants.
One of SN Engineerings full silo protection system ( SPS ) c/w graphics display was also supplied for integration into the main control cubicle.

SP226 ( 226m3 ) 5m Dia. @ Half Build

SP226, fully assembled barrel section c/w fully fitted out roof section being offered up to pre-assembled cone & leg structure.......

SP226 ( 226m3 ) x 5m Dia. @ Full Build

The finished SP226 silo in it's new home.

Silo Protection System ( SPS ) integrated in main control cabinet

Our Silo Protection System ( SPS ) full graphics panel integrated into main control cubicle.
Graphics has high density LED's for quick status indication whether that be "healthy" ; "power on" or "warning" ensures operators are fully aware of status.


Low Level silos meet increasing demand..............

LL50 - Low Level - Horizontal Silo       SN Engineering's LL50 series of low level - horizontal silos meet the ever increasing demand from clients wishing to benefit from the cost advantages of sourcing their powder needs in bulk.
These units offer the benefits of bulk storage ( typically ~50m3 of product ) yet with the advantages of low overall height ( ~4m ) & low load bearing via full skid frame - no specific civil works are generally required.
These units are offered completely dressed to ensure full EPA & HSE compliance and are supplied fully wired to control / mains panel. Air compressor is also included within the package and can be offered with a host of discharge options. The above is shown with a simple inclined discharge screw for loading of volumetric concrete vehicles. Client specific on this unit is the upgraded filter to include for extraction fan, this when coupled up to the clients vehicle via the additional 3" pipe ensures that dust emissions are minimised during the vehicle loading phase. Also, at the clients request, a section of roof was reinforced and a frame included for the addition a 3500lt water tank.

Various other applications, such as Batching Plants / Big Bag Filling / Weighed discharge etc... have all benefitted from the benefits of quick mobilisation - ready for operation same day as arrival ( typically within
4 hrs )  - demobilisation within 4 hours. Easily transported or can be permanently mounted to low trailers for that truly mobile application.

Whatever the application, we're sure the LL50 could benefit your business and with low capital costs could pay for itself in a very short period of time.

For further information please feel free to contact SN Engineering..........we're here to help !!............


Power generation calls on expertise......................

8 x SNE-RJC093 93m2 Dsut filtration plants c/w acoustic enclosed fan assemblies - PFA ( Fly Ash )

SN Engineering's expertise was called upon to supply 8 dust filtration units to solve a clients dust emission problem while processing their ash ( PFA )..

As part of a major processing plant installation, at one of the countries largest power generation plants, the client called upon references from similar recently completed projects and concluded that S N Engineering could not only meet the demand for high compliance but could also achieve the tight time frame the client was working to.

Each of the 92m2 units utilised SN's already well proven & robust design & manufacturing process and coupled with high volume, high efficency extraction fans ensured these units more than met the stringent compliance demands for dust emission & noise levels.

So pleased with the quality of service throughout this contract that the client has since awarded a 2nd contract for the supply of more units for inclusion within the 2nd phase of the project.

SN Engineering would like to thank all those clients that entrust us with solving their dust handling problems and welcome those clients that have yet to try us and assure all of a welcome & experienced approach to those problems, whatever the industry sector.


Exhibition finale to end of year..............................

Solids 2008 - NEC UK

        SN Engineering exhibited @ Solids 2008 in March to herald the end of a very busy year. Although the 1st time the company has exhibited at this expo, it proved to be worth while with many existing & new prospects visiting the stand to discuss various projects & equipment requirements for the coming months ahead.

On hand was experienced staff that could discuss the various aspects of storage ; filtration ; conveying ; mixing & outloading that ensured the visitors of quality guidance as to the best solutions to their problems.

SN Engineering also took this opportunity to launch their new company image with new corporate & product catalogues, which all seemed to be well received by existing clients & new prospects alike.

We would just like to thank all those that took the time out to visit the exhibition & indeed for your interest in SN Engineering....we look forward to being of service to you this coming year.......