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SN Engineering - SN8000 OUTLOADER Plus loading bellows         Designed to compliment the ever popular SN7000 series OUTLOADER, the SN8000 OUTLOADER Plus was born. Having listened to exisitng clients utilising our Outloaders, and that of many requests from new clients, it was fealt that our units would benefit from the addition of an integral dust filter to compliment the range. Our design office were tasked with researching the market for feedback on current designs, pro's & con's thereof, and set about designing our new addition to the family. Thus was born the SN8000 OUTLOADER Plus.
Commonality with our 7000 series was paramount for ease of spares with clients utilisng both types of Outloader, with the addition of an integral filter ( equipped with 8 filter cartridges ) ;
it's own integral air receiver for cleandown of the cartridges : and direct mounted high efficiency extraction fan.

All features / options are identical to those listed below for our SN7000 Series of units . . . .

Loading Bellows . . . . . . .SN7000 series

SN7000 Outloaders, Size 8's awaiting despatchSN7000 series Outloaders, Heavy duty loading bellows allow for rapid filling of road &/or rail tankers at upto 250m³/Hr of powder or granular materials.

These heavy duty units are manufactured in house @ Gloucester and can be matched to almost any application needs. The standard units come in a host of lengths & configurations and are generally constructed utilising an outer bellow ; inner bellow & internal wear chutes for enhanced longevity in the field. Bellows can be supplied in a host of materials and can accommodate temperatures upto 200°C if required. Dust emissions are controlled via suitably sized suction thru' the outer & inner bellows via a 150Ø extraction spigot. We can also supply as part of our supply a suitably sized fan assisted filter
to ensure compliance with EPA & HSE regulations.

SN7000 series of Outloaders have been designed around Best Practise principles with all units being manufactured using triple St St support wires for added safety. Units can be supplied in either manual winch type ( local or remote ) or the more common automated type which utilise high torque gearboxes fitted with 0.55kW brake motors for that extra peace of mind. Thru' live maintance has also been considered within the design philosophy with all panels being easily removed ( even in situ ) thus allow easy inspection ; maintenance and if required replacement
of all the main drive gear. All drive gear is electroplated thus' ensuring thru' life corrosion is not
a hindrance when carrying out any maintenance / replacement work.

Outloader, size 5 basic c/w manual winch operationCommon extras include :-
Auto Closer to ensure unit is sealed when extracted from the tanker after loading.

Rotary Paddle Level Indicator, for added peace of mind when filling, warns of imminent overfilling of tank can be used for auto shutdown of feed if used in conjuction with PLC or SCADA control system.
Note:- this option can only be utilised on conjuction with the Auto closer  device.

Vibrator, these can be fitted as an extra precation for clients that are loading a product that could cause hangup of material within the bellows and ensures clean down of any build up within the unit after filling & prior to extraction from the receiving vessel.

Slack Rope detection sensor, this ensures bellows is sufficiently lowered into receiving vessel prior to commencing loading sequence.

Tight Rope
detection sensor, this ensures motor / gearbox is powered down automatically when raising unit into it's parked state - ensures motor / gearbox is not overstressed & protects against premature failure.
Note:- Both sensors, when used with PLC / SCADA systems will ensure the above scenario
but can also be utilised for a host of other operational functions, such as:-
Auto creep - allows bellows to lower automatically during filling should receiving vessel drop 
thru' filling phase. 
Auto retract- allows bellows to raise automatically during filling of stockpiles ensuring continuous operation.
Auto fill - allows for filling sequence to commence when bellows correctly positioned within tank.
Auto ticket - allows for ticket printing only AFTER the bellows has been raised into it's parked state. This ensures operator has raised the unit prior to driving off!!.

Below is just an example of some of the recently completed contracts:-

SN Outloader, size 5 Manual winch operated

                             SN7000 series, size 5 Outloader

                                  Basic tanker loading via manual winch

SN7000 series Loading Bellow, fully automated - for Fly Ash

SN7000 series, size 8 Outloader

Fully automated & fitted with auto closer & level probe......

SN series loading bellows - awaiting despatch

                      Packed & awaiting despatch........

SN7000 series Automated loading bellows awaiting despatch - Cement

Series7000, size 6

5 off Packed & awaiting despatch.........

SN7000 series loading bellows pre despatch - Cement

                               Series7000, size 8

                               6 off Packed & awaiting

For further samples of projects completed please go to NEWS section . . . . . .