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Dust Filtration Equipment . . . . .

A full range of standard & bespoke Dust Filtration Units & Systems are readily available from
SN Engineering Ltd. Ranging from stock cylindrical silo venting units through to full blown filtration systems ensure clients environmental issues can be satisfied quickly, efficiently ; economically and most importantly in compliance with HSE / EPA legislation.Utilising the latest developments & technology ensure the the various filtration medias, whether in Cylindrical Bag / Pleated Cartridge / Envelope Bag or Pleated Cell, meet the stringent emission legislation of the UK.

Cement silo filter, 24m2

Casings range from Stainless Steel through to Powder Coated mild steel offering maximum durability dependant on clients application & final installation location. With a wealth of experience in de-dusting a vast array of the UK's powder & granules you can feel confident that we can also assist you too.....

Minidust filter for small hopper / bin venting
Compact & economical is the simply yet accurate way of describing the Minidust unit. Ideal for small hopper / bin venting these units fill a gap in the market that has predominantly been filled by a fabricated cage with bag fitted - open to the environment, susceptible to weather these bags were very limited in effectiveness & life. The Minidust offers a fully enclosed unit c/w reverse air jet cleaning thus compliant ; durable & long lasting.....

SNE-RJC024 24m2 H/Duty dust filter c/w fan assist

24m2 Heavy duty, powder coated for maximum durability, shown here with acoustic enclosure around fan assembly. Hinged lid with gas strut assistance ensure ease & safe access to the filtration media for maintenance & inspection. Units are supplied with air filter / regulators to ensure prime condition of air utilised for the clean down of the filter media....

1 of 18 SNE-RJC084 84m2 H/Duty Dust Filtration units c/w fan assemblies - cement
                                        Awaiting despatch........

6 of 18 specially commissioned 84m2 insertable units.....

Twin hinged gull wing doors each with gas strut assistance for ease of access.

SNE-RJC062 62m2 Wardrobe style dust filter c/w fan assist - free standing with hopper - Fly Ash & Cement

62m2 Wardrobe type, stand alone filtration unit........

Supplied with hopper & rotary valve on outlet

Twin hinged doors for ease of access to filtration area &/or fan...

Full acoustic enclosure around fan assembly c/w exhaust louvre

Low level air tank for ease of inspection &/or maintenance...

SNE-RJC248 248m2 Wardrobe style dust filtration system - Cement                                                    248m2 Wardrobe type unit...........

Shown during trial assembly prior to being supplied "flat packed" for client assembly @ site.

Due to the design of these units they easily lend themselves to being supplied flat packed. That, in conjunction with, the high accuracy of the manufacturing phase - using the latest laser profiling technology - the client is assured of easy ; quick & accurate own build. Ideal for those hard to get at locations where assembled units are just not feasable, they also have the addition of proving ideal for the export market.........