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Our Industrial Valve Family . . . . .

We offer a comprehensive range of valves, many from stock. Ranging from the economical range of double flanged Butterfly valves suitable for bin and silo isolation. Heavy duty Wafer & Lug type valves, suitable for most applications with a line pressure of upto 20 Bar.
Economical isolation Slide valves, to Heavy duty cast iron units designed for high load pressures. Air lock Rotary valves manufactured from Cast Iron c/w machined rotor for minimal clearance ensure a myriad of applications can be accommodated.


All the above valves can be supplied either set for manual operation ; electropneumatic actuation ; motor gearbox actuation or supplied with shafts & mountings suitable for affixing proprietary actuators ( Kinetrol ; Hytork etc.... )

Low cost, double flanged butterfly valves - non pressure

                   Double flanged, low cost, butterfly valve. Shown with SN standard
                   electropneumatic actuator & optional manual handle.. 
                   Can be supplied fitted with St. St. vane &/or High temperature seal,
                   for those arduous applications

Heavy duty, wafer type, butterfly valve for pressure lines - St. St. construction
Wafer series, heavy duty butterfly valve. Suitable for various PN flange sizes. Line pressures upto 20Bar.
Host of seal & body materials available to suit almost any application. Unit shown here, St. St. body & vane with food quality seal and fitted with manual lever. 

Heavy duty, wafer type, butterfly valve for pressure lines - Mild Steel construction

                              General puprose, cast iron body c/w EPDM seal and
                              suitable for PN10 & 16 flanges. Shown bare shaft.

Typical actuator for H/Duty pressure valves
Electro-pneumatic actuator to suit above valves. Range comprises 11 different sizes and can be supplied either as DA ( double acting ) or SR ( spring return ).  Full range of accessories to meet almost any application demands & compliance requests.

Pressure valve actuator fitted with multi positioner for flow control
                         Standard actuator, as above, but shown with multi-position
                         assembly. Ideal for use where control of valve between fully
                         closed & fully open is desired. Ideal for air regulation in duct
                         system to product flow control when precise measurement
                         is required. The applications are endless.....

Typical limit switch assembly for H/Duty valve actuators

Standard limit switch / indicator assembly. Mounts directly to top of actuator
and comes with easy, multi positional limits for ease of set-up. Large scale,
durable dome indicator with large scale CLOSED ( red ) & OPEN ( green )
indicator for ease of identification at distance.

Range of H/Duty, cast iron, slide valves - manual operation

                                                       Extra heavy duty cast iron isolation slide valve.
                                                       Shown with manual handwheel.

Typical H/Duty, cast iron, slide valve - pneumatic operation

Extra heavy duty cast iron isolation slide valve.
Shown with electro-pneumatic operation.

Rotary Valve c/w guarded chain drive & side mtd moto-gearbox assembly.

                        Square flanged Inlet / Outlet rotary valve, shown here
                        c/w indirect drive & guard.....

Rotary Valve, shown c/w direct moto-gearbox assembly

Square flanged inlet with rectangular flanged outlet, shown here
with compact direct drive....


Rotary Valve, Heavy Duty blowing seal unit for pnuematic conveying - special nickel finish

                           Rectangular flanged Inlet c/w inline blowing seal
                           arrangement, shown here nickel plated after
                           machining & awaiting assembly.....

General purpose pressure / vacuum relief valve for silo protection
Adjustable +/- pressure & vacuum relief valve. Utilising fully gaitered
coiled springs enclosed in tapered weather cowling to ensure minimal
air turbulence during activation. Supplied with flanged spigot suitable
for welding to vessel. Easy access via quick release weather cowling
for routine inspection / maintenace. Can be supplied with electronic
activation indicator for integration into process control & / or ground
testing facility.