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Big Silos !#!#!# . . . . . 5000Te Limestone storage . . . .

12.5m silo during assembly

Site assembly of the 1st of 2 SP2600 ( 2600m³ ) x 12.5Ø bulk storage silos.

Finished bulk silos 2 x 12.5m @~2500Te capacity each

The 2 finished assembled SP2600 awaiting delivery of their 1st fill of finished product. Silos were fitted with both weigh indication & continuous level indication, and initially set for 2250Te of product in each.

Max capacity of client product ~2500Te per silo.

In the foreground is the finished product out-loading tower that is equipped with a SN7000 series dust free loading bellows.

Bulk silos 2 @2500Te & 1 & 500Te capacity

View from rear of site showing the 2 SP2600 bulk silos & loadout tower to the right.

In the background is the process plant and behind that is a further SP720 ( 720m³ ) raw materials silo fed via bucket elevator.


New variation to SP Ø3.5m series . . . . . .

Bulk Silo c/w skirt option - 70m3 capacity

The ever popular SP Ø3.5m ( site bolted ) series of bulk silos has been further enhanced with the option for fully skirted.

Ideal for those remote / outdoor installations where the discharge equipment needs some protection from the elements - also has the added benefit of giving some security to said discharge equipment.

This option, when compared to standard 4 leg structure which is then clad-in, offers clients a more aesthetically pleasing finished product and overall time & capital costs savings.

Shirts can be floor mounted, or mounted onto load cells ( as photo ) for clients requiring weigh indication of silos contents.

Skirted option is available throughout the SP 3.5m range - picture shows a SP70 - 70m³ Geometric capacity and was supplied with our twin outlet option. 


Silo range . . . . . .

We offer a comprehensive range of storage silo solutions. Ranging from conventional, fully welded, cylindrical tower type to Jig built bolted cylindrical units upto 2500m³ capacity. Unique to SN is it's SR series low level bulk storage terminals, designed specifically but not exclusively, for bulk storage @ dockside locations ( or where ground conditions are restrictive ). These units are designed for accepting powders or granules from ship &/or rail and generally are fitted with outloading facilities for onward shipment via road tankers. They can also be utilised in the reverse i.e. for outloading to ship &/or rail.

For further samples of projects completed please go to NEWS  section.............or visit our new dedicated silo website @ www.scutti.co.uk .........


Nest of 4 x 60m3 Cement silos - welded construction

Nest of 4, fully welded construction.

         2.5m dia @ 60Te cement silos.

Nest of 4 x 100m3 bolted panel silos - Cement ; Fly Ash

                                                       Another nest of 4, bolted construction.

                                                               3.5m dia x 85Te OPC & PFA silos

Pair of 300m3 Lime silos - bolted construction

Pair of 6.15m dia bolted construction silos
    Each @ ~ 200Te, Limestone

Low Level - Horizontal 50Te silo, suitable for Cement ; PFA ; Limestone etc...

                                Low Level 50Te silo.....

            Loaded on trailer showing ease of    

            Fully operational same day as arrival
            @ site........

            Supplied fully equipped

Special low profile 1000m3 storage silos - for low load bearing sites

Pair of Portside SR terminals with
road tanker outloading facility.

Total capacity @ ~2500Te.