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Plant Design By SN Engineering

In addition to supplying and installing complete plant facilities, SN Engineering also offer plant design as a service. Our team of Mechanical Designers can draft bespoke 2D and 3D plant designs, using our extensive range of loading bellows, dust control & filtration equipment, bulk storage silos, pneumatic conveying systems and more.

SN Engineering have the capability to not only supply plant designs, but cater for complete turnkey projects, involving civil & electrical engineers. This complete service gives our clients a single point of contact, to simplify communication & reduce the time taken to manage the project.

For clients thinking of outsourcing their plant design, the SN engineering team are perfectly placed to assist. Our team have supplied designs and equipment to some of the UK’s largest Engineering brands, with the majority of our personnel having some 25+ years practical experience in the design & execution of various projects.

We have a proven track record of achieving project briefs on time & in budget, so if you would like to see reference sites &/or client recommendations, these are readily available.


Numerous ( 10+ ), new build, bulk / flat storage facilities for powders – designed to receive product either from multiple rail cars or ship. Typically, these were designed for c 4000 > 15000m3 of product.


Predominantly for ship > shore, often allowing for clients redundant commercial property to be brought back on line & give positive input into clients business profitability ( as opposed to ever decreasing property portfolio value ) thus keeping stakeholders &/or shareholders a good ROI.


From single 3000m3 units to twin 500m3 with direct road vehicle loading to multi nest facilities for c 8000 – 15000m3 storage. Designed & manufactured in such a way as can be transhipped to any location around the globe. Even silos for very high risk earthquake regions can be designed, as recently installed in New Zealand


For sites that are either restricted by height regulations &/or have poor ground conditions which would result in excessive civil requirements for traditional silo type facilities – often just the piling / civil cost for traditional silo storage would render the project as non-viable.


Numerous pneumatic conveying projects – from small scale batching ( c 1tph ) of specific small quantities of additives thru’ to large scale ( 200tph ) continuous conveying @ c 320m linear.

The above, generally, have involved our expertise across all disciplines of storage ; conveying ; blending & packing &/or bulk loading for onward shipment to clients customers. All our large scale equipment, such as silos, are designed and certified in accordance with latest Eurocode regs & all structural steelwork manufactured in accordance with latest CE regulations.

Just some valued clients

we’ve worked with

over the years

  • SN Engineering have available an extensive range of dry bulk materials handling components & equipment offering, existing & new clients, a reliable one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Professional – Friendly & Efficient service throughout.
  • Technically qualified personnel with a wealth of practical experience to assist in product / system / plant selection.
  • Operation run under ISO9001-2008 guidelines* * Certification evaluation pending – Currently reviewing options / requirements post departing EU.
  • In house design / CAD facilities with qualified backup ( civil works as part of project ) when required.
  • Project management from conception to commissioning, however large or small the contract.
  • Installations undertaken under current CDM regs, where applicable, including roles of PD & PC if desired.

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