Flow Control Valves



  • Eco range manufactured from cast aluminium with double flange profile
  • Vanes from thick gauge aluminium or stainless steel
  • Seals from std epdm, high temperature or full wrap around food quality
  • Shafts mounted on dry line bearing shells for maintenance free operation, splined or square shafts
  • Bolt on spigots for flange conversion to beaded edge, for ease of affixing a flexible sleeve
  • Heavy duty, cast iron, units for line pressures up to 20bar
  • Wafer & lug type profiles
  • Manual, electro-pneumatic or electric actuation
  • Can be supplied atex certified



  • Eco range fabricated from mild steel or st st with square & rectangular profile
  • Vanes from thick gauge steel or stainless steel
  • Seals from std epdm, high temperature or full food quality
  • Manual hand-wheel ; chain-wheel , electro-pneumatic or electric actuation
  • extra heavy duty, cast iron, units for arduous applications
  • Can be supplied atex certified
  • Extra heavy duty, machined edge, slide plate
  • Externally adjustable slide plate sealing / packing gland assembly
  • Square profile, up to 600mm & round ‘pn’ up to 1000mm
  • Manual hand-wheel or electro pneumatic actuation



  • Eco range manufactured from cast iron with square ; round & rectangular profile
  • Drop through or direct blow through
  • Multiple vane options, manufactured from various materials
  • Medium > light duty applications, such as dust filter applications
  • Heavy duty, cast iron, units for medium > arduous applications with square profile
  • Array of precision vane designs, material options to cater for almost all applications
  • External bearings groups with adjustable sealing / packing gland assembly
  • full ‘cip’ options, for those hygienic applications
  • Heavy duty units can be supplied atex certified



  • Revolutionary option to traditional rotary valve—impellor valve, a low profile lightweight multi-vane butterfly valve. St st seat & vane ensures most applications can be  met
  • In-line lump crusher, ideal for process lines where product has tendency to agglomerate which is broken back down to powder when passing through this valve. Host of material options & throughputs
  • Blow line diverter valve—ideal for pneumatic conveying lines with multiple destinations. Generally supplied as twin route outlets, although other variants are available
  • Heavy duty flip/flop valve, another alternative to traditional rotary valves as maintains process pressure during operation


Flow Control

In-Linelump Crusher

Very Large ST ST

CIP / Polished

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