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Silo Management Industry Leaders for Over 30 Years

SN Engineering is proud to have partnered with Minsterport, who have been leading the silo management industry for over 30 years – and counting! With over 30 years in the bulk powder and process market, along with SN Engineering’s range of silos, together the partnership can provide a one-stop solution for all your silo needs, with a level of expertise you won’t get anywhere else.


Minsterport have been delivering expert process management and control instrumentation advice, support and consultancy to the UK and Europe’s bulk product marketplace for over three decades, and today, they’re one of the leading providers for silo forecasting, planning and management solutions.

We provide expert silo assessments by our engineers, with no-obligation advice and support on finding the right devices for your silo – no matter what type of silo it is.

And with our unique retrofit service, we’re able to retrofit and install the most modern silo management systems in the industry to any existing silo, completely eliminating the need for expensive replacements or downgrades in equipment.


With their complete silo cleaning system, it’s now possible to completely evacuate and clean your silo while maintaining a safe working environment.
The system offers safe, quick and easy vacuum extractions and an innovative and powerful cleaning whip system, ensuring your silo is efficient and operating at maximum capacity. Minsterport know silos lie at the heart of their business and their expert services minimise any downtime and are available all over the UK. Most importantly, their systems are safe and remove the need for people to enter the silo to work, ensuring no-one is put at risk.


Minsterport’s consultants are independent and will advise on the best solutions, from equipment and sensors through to the design and installation of the silo, to guarantee that you get the most efficient and cost-effective silos to support your operations. They work in any industry, with silos of any age and with multiple suppliers to ensure you get a solution that is exactly tailored to your needs.


Silos are significant health and safety risks and it is critical that you understand the dangers and take appropriate action to protect your people. Minsterport’s expert team carry out comprehensive health and safety assessments of your silo and all associated equipment. The NEBOSH qualified advisors perform in-depth reviews of the site and then provide a detailed set of recommendations on what is required to ensure anyone working around your silo is safe and protected. They recommend assessments are done before a silo is used. An assessment should also be carried after any incident occurs to ensure the silo is safe for anyone else operating it in the future.


Maximise your revenue, plan your deliveries more accurately, and eliminate empty miles with MySilo, our unique browser-based silo monitoring platform. The average silo sees approximately 150 deliveries per year – but how many of those deliveries are being utilised to their fullest potential? With half-full tankers, wasted journeys, and increased carbon footprints at stake, even one miscalculated delivery journey to or from your silo can result in lost revenue and production downtime and increase your carbon footprint. MySilo makes sure every delivery is worthwhile and can save you and your supplier money.

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we’ve worked with

over the years

  • SN Engineering have an extensive range of equipment for dry bulk material handling, offering existing & new clients, a reliable one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Professional – Friendly & Efficient service throughout.
  • Technically qualified personnel with a wealth of practical experience to assist in product / system / plant selection.
  • Operation run under ISO9001-2008 guidelines* * Certification evaluation pending – Currently reviewing options / requirements post departing EU.
  • In house plant design / CAD facilities with qualified backup ( civil works as part of project ) when required.
  • Project management from conception to commissioning, however large or small the contract.
  • Installations undertaken under current CDM regs, where applicable, including roles of PD & PC if desired.

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