SN Engineering - Equipment for Bulk Material Handling

SN Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry bulk material handling equipment, to the UK & European OEM and user markets.

Having initially dealt within the mineral processing industry, SN Engineering have diversified to supply the biomass; water treatment and food & pharmaceutical processing sectors.

Based out of Gloucestershire, SN Engineering are a leading UK design & manufacturer of Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment. We cover in-house plant design with our 2D & 3D CAD Draughtsman, as well as manufacturing & supplying a wide range of plant & equipment for the storage, processing, conveying & loading of any powder &/or granular material.

We are proud to manufacture a diverse range of material handling equipment and supplies, including: Bulk Storage Silos & Stores, Dust Control & Filtration Units, Screw Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveyors, Loading Bellows, Industrial Mixers, Isolation & Flow Control valves & a host of complimentary auxiliary equipment. All our solutions offer a well-engineered, efficient & economical solution to your bulk materials handling & processing needs.

SN Engineering are proud to enjoy long standing exclusive supplier agreements, from leading European manufacturers. This enables us to ensure complete turn-key project design & supply will always be met.

Who we are & what we are passionate about

Client benefits . . . .

  • Friendly, knowledgeable assistance to all you needs.
  • Single sourcing of all your dry bulk materials handling equipment.
  • Flexible approach to your needs. Don’t just offer you our standard nearest to your requirements.
  • Competitive pricing policy offering best value for money in the UK.
  • Large UK stockholding for everyday spares, offering a rapid response for such components as Dust Filters ; Butterfly Valves ; Pressure / Vacuum relief valves ; Tubular Screw Conveyors ; Wear & Low friction linings ; Loading bellows ; Mixer spares ; Level indication devices ; SPS panels and much much more.

Just some valued clients

we’ve worked with

over the years

SN Engineering – today . . . .

Staffing, in various disciplines, to ensure the smooth & efficient running of the company.

ISO registered company*, giving confidence in the market and reiterating our professional approach to all aspects of our business.

Probably the largest supplier of everyday spares for the mineral processing industry i.e. tubular screws / bin venting filter units / pressure-vacuum relief valves / butterfly valves / loading bellows / wear parts etc.. in the UK & Europe.

Enviable reference list & many preferred supplier status for plant & equipment design / supply & installations for a company of such relative young years.

Totally focused on the value of YOU, THE CLIENT!!

SN Engineering – the future . . . .

To become the UK’s foremost supplier of dry bulk materials handling equipment & plant design.

To develop long & sound partnerships with clients to ensure continual growth for both parties.

On-going product development / enhancements to ensure our clients are always being offered soundly engineered equipment.

Maintain our focus on offering the most economical solution to the problem without compromising our virtues of Quality – Service – Price.

Become a household name synonymous with QSP throughout the UK & European industrial market.

  • SN Engineering have an extensive range of equipment for dry bulk materials handling, offering existing & new clients a reliable one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Professional – Friendly & Efficient service throughout.
  • Technically qualified personnel with a wealth of practical experience to assist in product / system / plant design & selection.
  • Operation run under ISO9001-2008 guidelines* * Certification evaluation pending – Currently reviewing options / requirements post departing EU.
  • In house plant design / CAD facilities with qualified backup ( civil works as part of project ) when required.
  • Project management from conception to commissioning, however large or small the contract.
  • Installations undertaken under current CDM regs, where applicable, including roles of PD & PC if desired.

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