Screw Conveyors

What Is A Screw Conveyor System?

Screw conveyor systems transfer materials using mechanically operated screw blades, unlike Pneumatic conveying which utilises air pressure. The primary function of a screw conveyor is to convey bulk materials or liquids, usually from upstream equipment such as a screw feeder or rotary valve. Screw conveyors consist of a trough or tube containing a spiral screw blade wrapped around a central shaft, when operating, the screw spins driving the material through the enclosed passage.

Typically Screw conveyors are used horizontally or at a slight incline of up to 45 degrees, however when plant space is a premium, a vertical screw conveyor design can help. In these instances a vertical screw elevator should be used. Screw elevators are commonly used for storage silo and hopper discharge, in a wide range of industries including food and waste processing, food manufacturing and aggregates.

The range of screw conveyor systems at SN Engineering account for materials at extreme temperatures, diverse material substances and corrosive materials. Depending on your processing requirements, the team at SN Engineering are always happy to discuss bespoke projects and requirements, to account for plants and spaces of all sizes.



  • Individual units from 114ø > 650ø, larger on request
  • Capacities from 1 > 500Te/hr regularly supplied
  • Units up to 20m in length, 7.5m without hanger
  • 0 > 90° inclinations catered for
  • Direct drives from 5 > 20:1 ratios with IE3 (min) std IEC spec motors—Siemens or ABB as std. Indirect drives upto 100:1
  • Drive motors from fractional hp to 50hp also twin drives
  • Myriad of flight designs & materials enabling fulfillment of most application needs
  • Range of hanger & NDE bearings, selected against product characteristics
  • Array of inlet & outlet options, pre-fitted @ any angle client requires
  • Primary  supplier to UK & European plant manufacturers
  • Finish Sa2.5  & top coated to clients colour preference
  • Atex & St St options available



  • Spirals from 100 > 600ø, larger on request
  • Capacities from 1 > 300Te/hr regularly supplied
  • Up to 20m in length,  shaftless without hanger
  •  0 > 25° inclinations catered for, higher inclinations can be catered for with special lid designs
  • Direct & indirect drives from 10 > 100:1 ratios with IE3 (min) std IEC spec motors
  • Drive motors from fractional hp to 50hp
  • Myriad of flight designs & materials, incl. Shaftless for those special applications
  • Array of inlet & outlet options
  • Atex & st st options available



  • Including  ribbon & paddle types ≤ 500ø, larger on request
  • From 1 > 125Te/hr regularly supplied
  • Up to 20m in length, shaftless without hanger
  • Generally selected for 0 > 20° inclinations.
  • Normally designed “open top” but can be supplied with bolt down or quick release interlocked hinged lids
  • Uniformity of drives across whole range ensures continuity throughout plants
  • Myriad of flight designs & materials enabling fulfillment of most application needs
  • Atex & st st options available



  • Individual units from 200ø > 500ø, larger on request
  • Elevator lifts up to 24m can be accommodated
  • Extra heavy gauge, machined & dynamically balanced flights ensure vibration & noise free running
  • Special flanged hanger bearings fitted to machined housing with easy access
  • Direct or indirect feed ensures integration with existing equipment when necessary
  • Special drive assemblies with thrust capabilities allows for no external bearing @ bottom


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  • SN Engineering have available an extensive range of dry bulk materials handling components & equipment offering, existing & new clients, a reliable one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Professional, Friendly & Efficient service with testing facilities in Gloucestershire
  • Technically qualified personnel with a wealth of practical experience to assist in product / system / plant selection.
  • Operation run under ISO9001-2008 guidelines* * Certification evaluation pending – Currently reviewing options / requirements post departing EU.
  • In house design / CAD facilities with qualified backup ( civil works as part of project ) when required.
  • Project management from conception to commissioning, however large or small the contract.
  • Installations undertaken under current CDM regs, where applicable, including roles of PD & PC if desired.

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