Mixing & Blending



  • Capacities from 2.6 > 26,000lts
  • Designed for batch or continuous operations
  • Materials of construction—mild steel ; wear resistant steels ; st.st. 304/316 & 316ti
  • Ideal for rapid homogeneous mixing using ploughshare profile tools
  • Heavy walled, cylindrical, main chamber with multiple inlet designs available
  • Discharge via cylindrical outlet(s) with flush fitting vane or full length bomb doors options for rapid discharge
  • Interlocked inspection door(s) for ease of maintenance &/or clean down
  • Host of drive designs & options to suit application



  • Ribbon blades for more gentle blending of products without the fluidisation of the product associated with ploughshare mixers
  • Heavy walled ‘u’ profile main chamber with flat lid
  • Lids can be bolted in place or interlocked quick release hinged for ease of access
  • All units can be fitted with pre-selected high speed choppers / homogenisers when small additions, normally liquids, are added to ensure homogenised mixes are achieved
  • These range of mixers can be found in industries such as animal feed ; food ; building ; chemical ; cosmetics ; ecology and can be supplied as test / laboratory sized units
  • Full C&C free & CIP units also available for the pharmaceutical industries, fully polished to various standards down to ra0.3µm



  • Similar construction parameters as that used for the ploughshare range of units.
  • Fitted with paddle type mixing tools in place of ploughshares thus reducing fluidisation of the product during operation
  • All variables previously mentioned within the plough & ribbon range are available here
  • Generally single shafted, often solid for longevity, but can be supplied multi shafted to order
  • Can be fitted with cooling / heating jackets when application demands
  • Full C&C free and CIP options available throughout the range



  • With the wealth of experience within the mixing field, variations on the theme, such as reactors & granulator units are often requested
  • Additional fittings such as pre fitted pneumatic &/or electrical control panels are frequently requested
  • Rotation & temperature probes are also common additions
  • Rotor grounding, especially where high electro static charges can occur.
  • Air sweep, via the rotor shaft & mixing tools allows for easy & contained clean down between batch / product changes reducing possible contamination
  • Double skinned mixing chambers, insulated, for consistent temperature control during process
  • Units can be designed & manufactured for applications involving pressure or vacuum
  • Units can manufactured in compliance with atex & ped regulations

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  • SN Engineering have available an extensive range of dry bulk materials handling components & equipment offering, existing & new clients, a reliable one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Professional – Friendly & Efficient service throughout.
  • Technically qualified personnel with a wealth of practical experience to assist in product / system / plant selection.
  • Operation run under ISO9001-2008 guidelines* * Certification evaluation pending – Currently reviewing options / requirements post departing EU.
  • In house design / CAD facilities with qualified backup ( civil works as part of project ) when required.
  • Project management from conception to commissioning, however large or small the contract.
  • Installations undertaken under current CDM regs, where applicable, including roles of PD & PC if desired.

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